Symbiotic AI

co-PI: Giovanni Semeraro (Università degli Studi di Bari)

Symbiotic AI investigates the scientific, social, economic, legal, and ethical challenges related to the growing symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence. As artificial intelligence systems become part of our daily lives, the question of how to improve current shortcomings and limitations in human-machine collaboration has taken on new urgency. The main challenge of an AI agent operating autonomously is how effectively and accurately it can achieve its goal. However, in a team composed of humans and intelligent artificial systems helping each other to achieve a common goal, the challenges are not limited to the goal itself; the AI system should also have the ability to reason not only about man’s actions but also about his cognitive models. Symbiotic AI promises to dramatically improve human-machine collaboration, enabling mutually beneficial relationships, augmenting (and enhancing) human cognitive abilities rather than replacing them.


Donato Malerba, FAIR’s Spoke 6 coordinator, is Full Professor of Computer Science at the University “Aldo Moro” in Bari. He is Head of the Department of Computer Science and responsible of the Knowledge Discovery and Data Engineering (KDDE) Group. His research interests are: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Inductive logic programming and Multi-relational Data Mining, Symbolic Data Analysis, Spatial Data Mining, Document Image Analysis and Recognition, Web Mining, Bioinformatics, Network Traffic Analysis.


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