High quality AI

Co-PI: Fabio Patrizi (Università La Sapienza di Roma)

AI techniques are already widespread in everyday use, however their use is often limited to systems considered low-risk, such as search engines and recommendation systems. Recent advances in artificial intelligence algorithms have shown their potential for use in a variety of other applications, including safety-critical systems such as autonomous vehicles and high-cost industrial processes such as power plants, scientific experiments, public administration. Deploying AI systems in high-risk applications requires algorithms and tools to meet high-quality requirements. This line of research aims to characterize the various qualities of interest for AI-based systems, their measurability, evaluation and certifiability, in all components of AI including perception, actuation, learning, modeling, reasoning and planning.


Luca locchi, FAIR’s Spoke 5 coordinator, is Full Professor at Sapienza University of Rome, mainly teaching in the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and currently Coordinator of the PhD Program in Engineering in Computer Science. His main research interests include cognitive robotics, task planning, multi-robot coordination, robot perception, robot learning, human-robot interaction, and social robotics. He is currently Vice-President of RoboCup Federation (member of the Board of Trustees since 2013) and contributed to benchmarking domestic service robots through scientific competitions within RoboCup@Home and the European Robotics League Service Robots (ERL-SR), of which he has been a member of the Organizing Committees since their origin.


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