Integrative AI

Co-PI: Paolo Giorgini (Università di Trento)

Current AI research has achieved great success by focusing on problems with rather narrow goals (or on complex problems that can be broken down into smaller independent subproblems). To successfully address complexity, however, there is a need for a significant change of pace and to go beyond current research, compartmentalized into separate vertical areas. Specifically, an integrated approach is needed, to which the Spoke’s name refers, Integrative-AI.
The spoke proposes an interdisciplinary approach based on theories and techniques that integrate diversified scientific methods, technologies, disciplines and skills. The spoke will investigate the integration of heterogeneous computational representation and reasoning and learning (inference) techniques, such as the integration of data-driven and model-based approaches, symbolic and sub-symbolic representations.


Paolo Traverso, FAIR’s Spoke 2 coordinator, is Director of Strategic Planning at the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento. He is a fellow of the European Association on Artificial Intelligence and, since 2019, has been part of the Scientific Advisory Board of the DFKI (Germany). Former Director of the Center for Information Technology at FBK, he was Chair of the Strategic Committee of the Italian Node of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in the field of ICT and member of the Management Committee of the Italian Laboratory on Artificial Intelligence of CINI. He is also the author and co-author of many scientific articles and books on Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Planning.


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