Human-centered AI

Co-PI: Francesco Marcelloni (università di Pisa)

Global social and environmental challenges, represented by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, require better decision-making at all levels. Human-centered AI aims to expand the human capacity to make decisions, both those crucial to humanity and everyday choices, empowering people both as individuals and as a community: but this journey requires a profound rethinking of the foundations of artificial intelligence.
The spoke is dedicated to building the foundations of Human-centered AI by rethinking learning and reasoning methods along three lines:

  • allow people to understand, interact synergistically and co-evolve with artificial intelligence systems;
  • allow people to understand the complexity of large-scale socio-technical systems where humans and artificial intelligence collaborate;
  • promote the “responsible” design of artificial intelligence systems by studying methods for the (co)design, development, validation and use of trustworthy “by-design” artificial intelligence systems.trustworthy (affidabili) “by-design”.


Dino Pedreschi, FAIR’s Spoke 1 coordinator, is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pisa, and a pioneering scientist in data science and artificial intelligence. He co-leads the Pisa KDD Lab – Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory, a joint research initiative of the University of Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore and CNR. He is currently shaping the research frontier of Human-centered Artificial Intelligence, as a leading figure in the Humane-AI-Net project. He is a founder of, he is Italy’s nominated expert of the Responsible AI working group of GPAI – the Global Partnership on AI and the director of the Italian National PhD Program in Artificial Intelligence.


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