The FAIR Extended Partnership Project is organized with a Hub&Spoke governance structure.

The Hub is the implementing party of the project and has been specially established to realize the FAIR Extended Partnership in the legal form of the Participation Association. The Hub represents the single point of contact with the MUR to implement the interventions funded under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) (thematic area 1 – Artificial Intelligence: Foundational Aspects, provided for in the MUR Notice No. 341 of 03/15/2022) and carries out all management and coordination activities of the Extended Partnership.

The ten Spokes are the executing entities of the project and are led by 8 State Universities and 2 Public Research Institutions. To achieve the objectives of the project, the Spokes rely on the contribution of twelve Spoke Affiliated Subjects, which are 4 State Universities, 2 EPRs supervised by the MUR, 2 Non-State Universities recognized by the MUR, and 5 private subjects.